Patience 辛抱 Cardano Stake Pool

Welcome to the Patience stakepool website! We are a new Cardano stakepool currently establishing our web presence. In the near future we hope to offer information, resources and plenty of helpful knowledge to assist others in growing the Cardano network.

In the meantime, you are welcome to delegate to us if you like at ticker PATI. As you select your pools please remember that it is in all of our best interests to spread our investments around, so make sure you diversify your delegations!

You can also find us on social media:

New Margins:

We have decided to change our margin fee to be formula based. This is being done for a couple of reasons:

  • We do not want to remain dependent on our IOG community delegation, which ends after April. We would prefer to see it support another pool.
  • We think this change is more in line with actions we must take to further our goal of helping the network decentralize.
  • A formula allows us to scale the operation as rank is improved over time with transparency to our delegates.
  • I believe we provide a quality service and we have minted all blocks the protocol has requested us to. I personally spend a great deal of time helping other operators and delegates in the ecosystem with their questions and issues. This is part of why the margin has stayed at 2.5% since our inception. My other reasoning for this decision was that I don't believe operators should be so heavily penalized for scaling their operations as they become more successful. There are many SPOs who contribute a great deal that deserve to charge margins but cannot in reality because of ranking dynamics.

    Therefore, starting from this announcement, margin rate on PATI will be determined by the following formula, which you can verify yourself at any time:

    Margin value = (Total Stake - 1M) / 10M

    This means that at or below 1 million we will charge 0% -- 1M - 1M is zero, divided by 10M is 0.0. Negative margins are meaningless and so will default to 0%. A few more examples of the scaling:

    At 5M stake: 5M - 1M = 4M, divided by 10M is 0.4%.

    At 15M stake: 15M - 1M = 14M, divided by 10M is 1.4%.

    At 32M stake: 32M - 1M = 31M, divided by 10M is 3.1%.

    We plan to adjust this rate about twice a month, or upon any significant changes (1 million or larger) to the pool's stake.

    Hopefully this makes the pattern clear. As you can see, to reach our previous 2.5% margin again we will have to garner around 26 million stake in support which is just over six times our current level.

    We want this pool to be stable long term and support decentralization. I would like to use some of the operational rewards to support others more in the community as well to further this goal. Overall this means more rewards for our delegates and a bigger contribution to network health. If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to reach out to me personally at my social links, via Adapools chat, wherever you are comfortable talking.

    Good luck everyone and happy staking!

    Under construction!

    This website is currently being built. Please check back soon! :)


    DISCLAIMER: Though we strive for as close to 100% uptime and 100% performance as possible, delegates are not guaranteed any rewards for staking with us. We are not liable for any losses you incur as a result of holding ADA tokens due to volatility in price, natural disasters beyond our control, catastrophic infrastructure failures or any other reason. Nothing on this website is financial advice. Always do your own research. Your understanding is appreciated!